Application Guidance

Your application documents


Please ensure your CV is as concise as possible (we would recommend no more than 4 pages) and that it is laid out in an uncomplicated and easily legible format, font, and size. We do not require (nor would we encourage) including a photograph of yourself or other graphics as these may cause formatting issues.

Cover Letter

We would ask that you keep your cover letter to 1 side maximum, keep the formatting simple (we would dissuade against PowerPoint) and adhere to the same guidelines as above in terms of font etc. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your suitability for the role so please ensure that you use the essential criteria when outlining your suitability and include examples of your experience that support each criteria in turn. We would suggest researching the STARR technique as a guide to demonstrate how to specifically address individual criteria.

Equal Opportunities

Along with your completed application (CV & Cover Letter) please send a completed Personal Details & Equality Form.

Please direct your application or any queries to:

Rosalind Lambert/Roshit Raj

T: 020 8253 1806

We look forward to receiving your application.